dance, music, body wisdom from egypt

Shemm en Nassim 

Cie Al Fajr . Marie Al Fajr 

Through the choreographic language of Marie al Fajr and the innovative music of Georges Kazazian, the traditional Egyptian aesthetic with its wealth of movement, rhythm and music, has been developed into a contemporary artistic expression. Shemm en Nassim takes us back to the days when Egypt was ruled by the life-giving cycles of the Nile. The scent of budding nature inspires images of ancient times and sets the momentum for the choreography. Ibrahim el Minyawi accompanies the choreography and challenges the dancers with improvised rhythms.


artistic direction: Marie Al Fajr

dance: Marie Al Fajr, Ainhoa Izagirre, Carina Westling, Claudia Heinle

live percussion: Ibrahim el Minyawi & Ali el Minyawi
composition: Georges Kazazian

total playing time: 60 mins

production: tanz raum label 2006

Price: 30.00 €