dance, music & body wisdom from egypt

As music producers we record and saveguard treasures of Egyptian music. 

Since more then 20 years, Caroline Chevat and Claudia Heinle dedicate their work, time and finances to music recordings. They contribute to the survival of musical genres that are in danger of being lost.

Ibrahim El Minyawi - Egyptian percussion legend

Ibrahim El Minyawi is featured on almost every tanz raum CD. He passed away in 2013 and throughout all the years he opened many doors in Egypt to make these recordings possible. We miss you Ibrahim!

Discover a superb and diverse collection of popular and classical music.

Up to now there is an urgent need to safeguard songs, melodies and particular musical genres - traditionally passed on orally from generation to generation - which are in danger of being lost for a multitude of social and political reasons. It is hoped that with these recordings the musical traditions of Egypt will survive and even spread to new audiences beyond their cultural roots. This superb and diverse collection of popular and classical music by tanz raum is gradually being discovered and appreciated by a small but growing circle of music lovers, film makers, dancers and ethnomusicologists. 

tanz raum, a small independent music label specialised in Egypt becomes a reference in the field.

Famous Egyptian musicians, singers and composers have collaborated with tanz raum on numerous CD recordings. These recordings, mainly made in Cairo, aim to preserve or innovate. Many of the undisbutable masters in these recordings died over the last decade. Find their master pieces exclusively here in the shop.

    tanz raum productions

    • Solo Daff CD 2017
    • Doing Things DVD 2016
    • Street Melody 2015
    • Daqat II CD 2009
    • Abyad DVD 2008
    • Al Masdar CD 2007
    • Schemm en Nassim DVD 2006
    • Dinga Dinga CD 2005
    • Saltana CD 2004
    • Azraq CD 2003
    • Monaga CD 2001
    • Daqat CD 2001
    • Jewels CD 2000
    • Spirit CD 1999

      Artists under tanz raum label

      • Ragab Sadek I percussionist 
      • Shady Abdel Salam I violinist I classical musician
      • Khaled Youssef I violonchelle
      • Mohamed Seif el Yazal I contrebasse
      • Kamel Sheiha † I saxophone I baladi musician
      • Tawfik Dawoud I accordeon I baladi musician
      • Mohamed Sabry I flute & oud I sufi musician I baladi musician
      • Mohammed Yousif I saxophone I clarinet I baladi musician
      • Khalid Gaber I accordeon I baladi musician
      • Sayed Gonem I flute I baladi musician
      • Bashir Abdel Aal I flute, classical and baladi musician
      • Abdel Aziz El Sayed I qanun I classical musician
      • Bahig Ramzy I kamanga I classical musician
      • Sheik Taha I accordeon I baladi musician
      • El Hami Murad I shaabi singer
      • Diaa Murad I shaabi singer
      • Qenawi Bakhit Qenawi I mizmar I shaabi musician
      • Abd Ellah I mizar I shaabi musician
      • Qtb el Minyawi I percussion
      • Osman Ali I percussion